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Midlands based firm specialising in the supply and installation of both renewable micro-generation and also energy efficient products.

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Considering the ever increasing electricity prices, why not invest in Solar PV panels to provide a significant return on your investment and keep down running costs.

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Energy Connect are an MCS accredited specialist solar panel installer based in the Midlands, our dedicated team offer a complete service, from initial advice to installation and support.

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Do Solar Panels Work In The Winter?

We all like to do ‘our bit’ by making the world a greener place. With energy bills soaring as the economy struggles on, many households up and down the country are looking at ways of reducing their monthly energy expenditure.

One of the surest ways of making those all-important cuts is by the installation of solar panels. Here at Energy Connect UK, we specialise in supplying and installing energy efficient products both commercially and domestically, allowing you to make those first steps to a cheaper, greener future.

Energy Leaders

Based in Leicester, we also offer our services in solar panel electricity in Nottingham and the surrounding Midlands area. Our micro-generation technology is the driving force behind our aim of reducing the earth’s carbon footprint and making efficient use of our natural renewable energy resources.

With an emphasis on solar energy, the benefits really are there to see; from a consistent and reliable off-grid energy source, to requiring little to no maintenance. But unsurprisingly, people do have their doubts.

Are solar panels less efficient in the winter?

By obtaining solar energy from the sunlight and turning it into electrical energy, we have been able to find a constant source of renewable energy. The excitement surrounding solar energy continues to increase as technology continues to find more efficient ways at harnessing it.

Solar panels do not work on heat energy, it is solely the sunlight. Due to shorter days, earlier nights and a bigger cloud presence, the solar panels are not exposed to as much sunlight as they would be in the summer months. But this doesn’t mean they are not working. In fact, the photovoltaic solar panels will charge themselves during the winter as well as working to a sufficient level.

So, find out the cost-effective and eco-friendly benefits today by giving us a call on 0116 242 5151 to have a chat about our solar energy systems, or check out our website for a complete look at our services.

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