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Midlands based firm specialising in the supply and installation of both renewable micro-generation and also energy efficient products.

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Considering the ever increasing electricity prices, why not invest in Solar PV panels to provide a significant return on your investment and keep down running costs.

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Energy Connect are an MCS accredited specialist solar panel installer based in the Midlands, our dedicated team offer a complete service, from initial advice to installation and support.

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Save Money in 2013: The Benefits of Solar Energy

With the impending New Year, it’s fair to say that a lot of people use this time to re assess their finances. In a time where every penny counts, we can’t help but look for new, cheaper ways of minimising our expenditure, and one of the biggest drains on our finances is our bills, and more specifically our energy bills.

With hundreds of providers and comparative sites, it can get pretty daunting and confusing. So why not escape it all in 2013 and welcome in the new age of solar energy?

Helping the Environment

The invention of solar power has done wonders not only for reducing damage to the environment, but also to how we as a community can help play our part.

Here at Energy Connect UK, we are specialists in providing and installing solar panels. Operating residentially or commercially, our highly qualified and experienced team will be able to advise and efficiently install your solar system in order for it to generate maximum energy; saving you a considerable amount of money in the long term.

Saving Money is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

The benefits of solar panel electricity in Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and the surrounding Midlands areas, really are worth noting.

• Renewable energy – The sun acts as a consistent energy source that can be consumed anywhere in the world. With no mains needed, you can escape the clutches of the power grid and become a self-sufficient property.

• Environmentally-Friendly – Solar panels don’t release anything into the atmosphere unlike fossil fuels, don’t make a noise and require little maintenance, making them an easy, cost-efficient investment.

• The Best is yet to come – The industry is constantly improving. With installations increasing by 50% each year and a range of systems being developed to fit whatever budget you have, the future really is bright for solar power.

Make expensive energy bills last year’s news and become a part of the solar revolution, saving money as well as the all-important environment. We are happy to help in any way here at Energy Connect UK so check out our website, call us or contact us via our online form for any advice on solar energy you need.

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